I joined this program to learn more about Korea and to be familiar with its culture. However, what I did not forsee is how memorable it could be. I was the only Filipino during that time but I didn’t feel alone. I met friends from different countries, leaned not only Korean language but my fellow AYFN delegates also taught me their mother languages. I know that the friends I met in this program will las a lifetime. AYFN’s KCC was one of the best avenue for friendship beyond boarders and memories beyond time.


Nicole Kristel Buenaventura

Participant of Korea Culture Camp 2017 by AYFN (Spring) from The Philippines

Really incredible experience that I had from this event. Let me share my experience. I was I winter vacation last January and I didn’t go back to my country (Recent, I reside in Taiwan for pursuing master degree) because I need to write my thesis in completing my master degree. I was in mood searched for about to learn new culture, to make a friend and also to learn something new that I ‘ve never had before. I thought, “I really want to visit Korea this time.” After googling and read many program offering, I found ASEAN Youth friendship Network (AYFN) program in Korea. I sent application form (contain an essay of mine) to Korea Cultural Camp 2017 by AYFN. After waiting for few days, yes, I was accepted to be one of participants to that event.

I was so happy, one of my dream (to visit Korea) would come true. In this program, I met new friends coming from different countries (Indonesia, The Philippines, Cyprus, Vietnam and Dubai). They are funny and friendly, indeed, have difference culture, background and unique character. AYFN gives me chance to make new friends, learn new culture and widen my network. Yeah, we made longlast memories, had fun and of course new family. Thank you AYFN for the good times.


Wahyu Puji Astyani

Participant of Korea Culture Camp 2017 by AYFN (Spring) from Indonesia.

Hello, my name is Antonia Diikiti and I am from Cyprus. AYFN gave me the opportunity to participate in Korea Cultural Camp, April 2017. I had the pleasure to meet a couple of strangers who later on became good friends. They come from Dubai, Indonesia, Bali, Vietnam and Philippines. Spending six days with my new friends I tasted the beauty of Seoul. Being able to have Korean Language Classes at Seongbuk Global Cultural Center and learn the basic of Korean Hangul Language, motivated me to try harder to learn Korean. Visiting Bukhon Hanook Village, I explored the hidden traditional beauty of Seoul. Wearing the traditional Korean dress;hanbook and visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace where it used to be the main Royal Palace of the Joseon Dynasty made me eager to learn more about the Korean History and Culture. Visiting the famous Namsan Tower of Seoul with the breathtaking view made me realize how big, astonishingly beautiful and totally different from any other part of the world the city is. In our free time we explored some of the most popular neighborhoods such as Myeongdong, Cheongnyangi, Insadong, Itaewon. No words can describe the beauty of Nami Island. I have never witnessed such a beautiful place before. Strolling around Seoul, visiting Kyunghee University, taking the local buses, and subway, staying in one of the most popular location, gave me the pleasure of living and socializing with the locals and all that with my new friends who had never visited the city before. Getting lost in a new city, exploring a totally different civilization to what I am used to and dare I say a citizen of the world.

I want to thank AYFN for giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Korea Cultural Camp. It was a unique opportunity for me, I have met people from other countries with different cultural, religious and social background. Also, I had the chance to experience and learn more about the Korean Culture and the Korean Language. Taste and cook traditional dishes as well as visit historical, cultural and other places of interest in Seoul. I would like to specially thank Mr. Setiawan. Thank you Mr. Setiawan. Thank you AYFN. Keep up the good work!!! Best

Antonia Diikiti

Participant from Cyprus, KCC Batch Spring 2017


AYFN is the best platform to achieve your academic goals and travelling need. In addition, you will have chances for new friendship and network worldwide. I want to thank AYFN for making mu dreams come true to see the beautiful cherry blossoms and to have opportunity to meet amazing people from Dubai, Cyprus, The Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and Indonesia. So, what are you waiting for? Pack up your bags and join AYFN programs. Follow @ayfn_official on Instagram and find which programs you would like to experience with. It will be fun and incredible memories.

Ayu Sita Laksmi

Miss Earth Bali 2017 and Puteri Bali

Participant of AISEF Porgram, Thailand and Korea Cultural Camp 2017 (Spring) From Indonesia


Camp has always been a unique developmental environment that weaves global citizenship with other outcomes such as critical thinking skills, discipline, leadership, and character development. Importantly, because we must learn cultural empathy and understanding — to see ourselves in others, recognize the beauty in differences, and unite in the spirit we share across global boundaries. So, AYFN ( Asean youth friendship network) with Korean Cultural Camp 2017 program have all of that things.. a loss and a big regret if you do not join this program. @ayfn_official #kcc2017


Ahmad  Bukhari

Participant of Korea Cultural Camp 2017 (Spring) From Indonesia